Interior design trends for 2022

Earth Tones and Textures

As we move into another year of the pandemic; where spending time in open outdoor spaces has become the new normal, we can observe the influence of mother nature’s seasonal colour palette being brought inside our homes. Earth-toned furniture, as well as muted brown and grey feature walls have made a comeback to our interior colour wheel. Textures such as wood, terracotta, marble and sandstone are also being used to replicate articles found in the great outdoors.

Curved/Irregular Structures

We all know history has a habit of repeating itself, which we see every few years when it comes to interior design trend cycles phasing themselves in and out. This year it’s all about rejecting the minimalist leading lines of straight benches and the sharp edges of modern furniture and embracing curves, arches and organic shapes. Think architectural structures of the 1970’s meeting Salvador Dali and they created a lovechild. Try sprucing up your space with a curved doorway or a statement art piece like a female nude painting.

Australiana Influence

The Australiana trend has always revolved around bringing the outdoors inside and connecting with environmental elements. To be specific, incorporating imagery inspired by the Australian landscape is a common theme throughout the trend (e.g. native plants and animals). Pops of pink can also be identified, which we also see a lot of in our native plants. Don’t be shy to add a touch of muted pink or green to your bedroom, or why not both!

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